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Where it all began...

Where it all began...

Stating the obvious. I LOVE PERFUME. I love how it makes me feel, I adore how a beautiful fragrance can instantly boost your mood and confidence, and I love how a scent can recall memories & be sentimental. Like all of you - I love to smell great and have always enjoyed experiencing new fragrances.

So how did that transpire into opening Aviva Parfumerie?

Prior to opening Aviva I was a candle maker, and still am, but now we operate from the back of the shop rather than the from home. As more ( niche ) brands emerged or became available I wanted to explore more of what was out there, my interest was gaining momentum into how the Perfume industry had, and was changing.  Being in Tasmania has always meant my access was shall we say -limited- actually that’s a lie- it was simply unavailable, which meant I had to blind buy online or when able spend time exploring interstate.

A few years ago I started researching further into the niche world of perfume, what is it? what makes it niche,? and what is available, and the big question - was there a possibility I could somehow bring these wonderful fragrances to Tasmania for us all to enjoy, in the form of a perfume shop? So there it was! I enlisted friends and family who happily obliged to wearing this, trying that, review this for me etc..I personally tried, tested and had worn every perfume in our store before taking the plunge to ‘store front.’  From there one thing lead to another and all of a sudden Aviva Parfumerie was born.

18 months on, I absolutely love helping you find fragrance! And I love that you can find a perfume in store that is beautiful, unique, original and expertly crafted by some of the worlds best perfumers. I invite you to come and see for yourself! Pop by one day and say hi, we’d love to see you in store. Jaci


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