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Parfum d'Empire

With Parfum d´Empire, I wanted to reconnect with the primary meaning of perfume, the one found in all cultures: eroticism and the sacred. Because at all times seduction and spirituality constitute the deepest meaning of perfume, its original truth.
Love conquest, spiritual conquest, self-conquest … perfume is conquest, perfume is exploration.

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has chosen a physical, intrepid, baroque perfume.

Its singularity? He is at the same time a nose designer, master of his House, sovereign in his laboratory, doctor in chemistry of fragrant plants.
All things which give him a real artistic autonomy.
Freedom cannot be given, it is conquered !

Parfum d´Empire can be recognized by its overflowing of materials and, paradoxically, by this balance specific to the Great French Taste.
Radical and personal style: that’s what touches.

A position taken against the puritanism of puny and normative juices.
It resonates, it licks, it invites, it penetrates …

Breath of the gods, agitation of bodies. The empire of the senses.

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