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Baron Bishop

Baron Bishop, perfume oils - a fragrant adventure shared by a mother, Mary Heidrich, and son, Laszlo Etro.


This project is the fruit of olfactory encounters and experiences: from sharp pine resin cutting glacial Swiss temperatures to exquisite floral compositions tumbling down private balconies, filling the springtime air of Milano. From exotic travels to Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar to the calm, salty late summer Balearic breeze. From the enveloping musky, earthy smell of frankincense in Muscat to the zesty and fresh Central Florida citrus groves. 

With Safflower seed oil, organically grown around the Piacenza area in Italy, it is considered a light oil with a non-greasy consistency and it is absorbed quickly into the skin. 

Baron Bishop Perfume Oils are Vegan and cruelty free.

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