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How to wear your perfume longer.

Avoiding dehydration and dry skin plays a key role in lasting fragrance. Applying an unscented moisturiser, or an accompanying scented cream to your skin will help the fragrance to linger for longer, along with spraying your perfume on your pulse points. 


What is the difference?

EDP: An EAU DE PARFUM (edp)  is the most common kind of parfum and usually contains 15-20% of fragrance. Most will last 4-5 hrs on the skin. Being deeper and stronger than a lighter perfume, edp's are often preferred for evening wear over an edt.

EAU DE TOILETTE,  (edt) - a popular form of fragrance will have 5-15% of fragrance and will last a shorter time on the skin. Usually around 2-3 hours. Being lighter in fragrance they are often popular choices for summer months, day time and work wear fragrances.

EAU DE COLOGNE: Being lighter again, colognes are often light and male orientated with citrusy and aquatic fragrances aimed at men. Having 1-2% of fragrance means they will last a shorter amount if time on the skin.

Fragrance notes explained

TOP NOTES: The first notes to capture your attention when first tying a fragrance, and often made up of light, fresh and fruity scents, top notes last generally around 15 minutes on your skin.
MIDDLE NOTES: Making up a large percentage of your fragrance, top/heart notes last longer and begin to evolve once the top notes start to fade. 
BASE NOTES: The last notes to develop are the base notes, lasting longer on the skin and will often consist of creamy, smooth and rich scents.